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Падение YH

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Once again hello expensive colleagues on shop - resellers YH.
Took from hackers the good translator of the text, and now errors should be less.
To explain, how I am going to start by means of the domain the program "Punishment" I I will tell about small difficulties which can arise a little.
To us it is necessary good DNS a hosting. I explain more in detail: DNS a hosting VERY GOOD, capable itself to sustain a huge stream of inquiries.
Well at us easily maintains a huge stream of inquiries? Certainly search system.
Thanks Gabriel (http://sm777.ru), they investigated this segment and results of its research we will use.
The Google disappears - this poor elephant is not capable to move flexibly. To a word: thinking Google as streets of New York - square-cluster.
Remains native Yandex.
We come on Yandex and we search: "DNS a hosting". Have found: http://help.yandex.ru/pdd/hosting.xml
At me never was problems with domains. For sacred business "Punishment" I will park 4 "superfluous" domains: DNS1 DNS2 DNS3 DNS4. I could and more, but! From psychology practice there is a remarkable conclusion: the user long to wait not begins, while the site will open and most likely will close page.
And it is necessary to us, that the visitor went further and further)))
Let's return to ours "attacking DNS".
But in the beginning we should know - that we will particularly attack: how I have told - the control panel or administrator-panel Youhosting?
I have chosen CPANEL, as if to kill, to kill for ever that all users have run up and have forgotten sign in on Youhosting and all reseller hostings!
You can look in the DNS the editor
Beautifully, yes? We will kill IP
Will lay cpanel, webmail, api, phpmyadmin
Here now we will return to residence permit DNS
Let's register DNS1:
ns4-> DNS2 a hosting
Let's register DNS2:
ns4-> DNS3 hosting
Let's register DNS3
ns4-> DNS4 hosting
Let's register DNS4 that the visitor all the same has come on the site:
ns1 - main-hosting
ns2 - main-hosting
ns3 - main-hosting
ns4 - main-hosting
That to you it was not absolutely boring, I will tell, that this variant is practical, but has a lack. Габриэла having talked to manager Yandex, - Platon has a little changed the "Punishment" variant.
It too has undergone to blackmail and provocations Youhosting, free clients have suffered only. Paid clients have not suffered, as were on its own partner hosting from Lioo.ru - http://sm777.ru/vip
Now that it was completely not boring, I will tell, that at viewing of one page by any visitor of the subdomain 100ms.ru on IP 32 references will fall.
Now statistics on subdomains 100ms.ru
Increase this figure on 32 and will see what non-uniform squall will fall on YH)))
Delay of display of a site is tested increases for 20 seconds. Certainly it is bad, but this "Punishment".

I have specially held back master domain function http://bb777.ru - which have registered on a hosting.
They will strengthen attack, creating loops already in a hosting, already from servers YH!
Therefore 32 is external inquiries, but everyone external will be multiplied by 5 internal inquiries, already from servers YH if a server by then remain live)))



I am simple in a shock!
Has in a day received the answer from Youhosting:


Thank you for reporting this. We will investigate and delete invoice YH-005786 if needed.

Many Thanks,
Helpdesk Staff

Has again written:

It is necessary for me
1) to return the list of my referrals. That I saw active referrals and Pending.
2) to Receive the Free VIP for a year at the expense of referrals
3) to remove exposed invoice Invoices YH-005786

1) The list of my referrals on this page! http://www.youhosting.com/en/profile/free-upgrade
I remember there there were 4 or 5 active referrals and a little pending. You have impudently erased this list!!!

It that, mockery? Helpdesk Staff have become impudent absolutely?
To kill it is necessary all Youhosting! They still speak me thanks...
Moral down syndrome!
Have removed the list of my referrals, have exposed the bill Invoices YH-005786 and speak "thanks". I consider it as mockery!
Hours tick not in favour of Youhosting! As I would like to make a little click mouses to close this madhouse!

It is a pity some partners which have written personal messages that I have stopped and did not switch on "punishment". Has written "antidote" from breakings (I too have developed protection against breakings).
I will wait only one days the answer. If I will not receive the answer, or I will receive the moronic answer as this, I will switch on "punishment" on all capacity!

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